10. Logistic Regression (IB533 2022.09)

Unit Outlines:
■ Logistic Regression
§ method:glm(… , family = binomial)
§ model fitting & prediction
§ interpreting the coefficients
■ Measures of Model Accuracy
§ Accuracy, Sensibility, Specificity
§ Confusion Matrix and Accuracy Metrics
§ ROC and AUC

◆ UNIT10A: Logistic Regression (unit10A.html)
◆ UNIT10B:LogisticReg. – The Coefficients (unit10B.html)
◆ UNIT10C LogisticReg. – Model Accuracy (unit10C.html)

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Unit10  Personal Assignments : Due at  2022/12/05 (Sun) 23:59
Register to edX and sign in to MIT’s  The Analytic Edges course with audit option
Finish Unit3-1  Modeling the Expert: An Introduction to Logistic Regression
Do the quiz in a Rmd, knit the HTML  and
upload it to 【 ~/person/10_AnalEdge 】with filename “<student.id>_AnalEdge.html

Video Recording:
◆ Unit10 Video Recording

References :
◆  Portal of Big Data BA Platform
◆  R: Self Learning Roadmap
◆  John Hopkins: R Programming online course
◆  John Hopkins: R Programming eBook
◆  Harvard: Data Science online course
◆  Harvard: Data Science ebook
◆  From Data to Viz
◆  Probability Cheat Sheet (pdf)
◆  Intro. Probability and Statistics Using R (IPSUR)
◆  Statistical Analysis Using R, UCLA (URL)
◆  Principal Component Methods in R: Practical Guide (URL)