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College of Management, NSYSU

Business Data Analytics Summer Course 

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College of Management, NSYSU

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★★★★★   Harvard Data Science Professional Certificate:Harvard/edX Data Science ★★★★★

Course Syllabus

Management studies research center of NSYSU devoted to reinforcing students’ data analytics ability and strengthen to research. After holding several summer courses and R programming workshop, we are going to arrange a Business Analytics course with 3 credits to master degree students. To guide students to develop strategic planning capabilities based on data analytics. This course would apply Business Analytics Platform from College of Management, NSYSU (, combined with online public learning resources to teach them different data analytics methods such as: Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Text Analytics, and the application in business case.

With the trend of big data, there is a growing demand in job market for「Business Data Analytics Talent」; However, there is a big different between modern technology of business analytics and traditional business statistics. More and more famous international business schools have separated them to two different courses. We refer to online courses of mainstream business school and develop a series of business data analytics courses for business students. These courses not only focus on basic data processing technology, machine learning and business analytics tool but also use online resource to help students analyzing realistic industry business data by using machine learning, such as: Retail transaction history, E-commerce website browsing history, Social website materials and news, Forums, Business reviews collection, and so on…. Moreover, in order to develop business management talents with data analysis capabilities, we will lead students to analyze practical case study through lectures, online homework and group discussion

In order for students to learn the latest business analysis knowledge, this course will integrate the latest open course content from MIT Sloan Business School and Harvard University (2018.05), and students will need to register on the online course platform to use these online resources. Since Harvard’s online programs require a fee to obtain formal accreditation, Department of Management office and Management Studies Research of NSYSU Center have specifically secured a grant for students, and about 30 students could get subsidiary from the Institute of the Harvard University program certification fee (aboutUS$100 per person). Due to the limited number available, if a student recommended by the professor completes the course, we will provide assistance in the order in which you receive your letter of recommendation.


Business Analytics Platform from College of Management, NSYSU


Social: Integrate expertise, Learn from each other, and Keep growing

Application:Industrial practice, Massive scale, Advanced methods, High-level tools

Platform: Demo Codes, High Level API & Interactive Interface

System: Big Data Computation Cluster & AI Development Servers




時間 單元 內容
07/03 (二) 1410~1700 1 課程簡介、R語言簡介
07/06 (五) 1410~1700 2 預測數量:線性迴歸
07/10 (二) 1410~1700 3 預測類別、機率:邏輯式迴歸
07/13 (五) 1410~1700 3 預測類別、機率:邏輯式迴歸
07/17 (二) 1410~1700 4 決策樹、模擬與優化
07/20 (五) 1410~1700 5 機器學習流程
07/24 (二) 1410~1700 6 集群分析、尺度縮減
07/27 (五) 1410~1700 7 資料整理、資料視覺化
07/31 (二) 1410~1700 8 應用一:顧客價值管理
08/03 (五) 1410~1700 9 應用二:產品銷售資訊
08/07 (二) 1410~1700 9 應用二:產品銷售資訊
08/10 (五) 1410~1700   小組分析競賽
08/14 (二) 1410~1700 10 非結構化資料、文字分析技術
08/17 (五) 1410~1700 11 大數據運算平台
08/21 (二) 1410~1700 11 雲端運算資源
08/24 (五) 1410~1700   停課
08/29 (三) 1330~1730 12 關聯式多媒體資料
08/31 (五) 1410~1700   期末小組專案報告
10/26 (五) 1410~1700   雲端深度學習工作坊